Woodlands Pre-school

A Unique and Personalised Learning Experience

Woodlands Pre-school offers a unique and personalised learning experience for children aged 2 to 4 years old. Our self-contained pre-school is managed by a committee of parents and is set in the beautiful rural village of Clifton. The pre-school is located within Clifton All Saints Academy grounds, with excellent links to other schools in the area.

Our open plan play space and fully accessible garden allow for free flow play, promoting creativity, exploration and social interaction. Our room is designed with minimal furniture to enable open access to all resources and plenty of floor space for free play. Our team of experienced and qualified staff provide a nurturing environment, promoting each child's development, including social skills, self-confidence, and independence.

At Woodlands, we provide healthy snacks during the morning and afternoon sessions, and children who attend all day take part in lunch club. We take up to 32 children per session, and we operate during term time only. We offer a range of activities and experiences to help each child reach their full potential, including messy play, role play, and outdoor exploration.

The Woodands Pre-School
Church Street 
SG17 5ES

Phone number (term-time only) 01462 811486