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Toilet Training

1) Get your child involved with changing their nappies. Change them standing up, get them to help with their clothing and wash your hands together when you've finished.

2) Talk about wee and poo. Tell them if their nappy is wet or dry when you change them and talk about the wee or poo inside.

3) Keep the nappies in the toilet and change your child in there so they associate wees and poos with that room.

4) Get into a routine. Take your child to the toilet every couple of hours. Keep it short, dont make them sit for too long, 2-3 minutes is fine. Remember, routines work best when they are consistent! 

5) Plan a reward system like a sticker chart or lucky dip bag. Reward every little step towards potty training like getting dressed or washing their hands. Give them lots of praise rather than focusing on anything negative. If they have an accident, remain calm and say something like 'it's ok, lets try again later'. This takes the pressure off them and keeps its positive. 

6) Read picture books about potty training together.

7) Ensure your child is wearing loose, easy clothing that they can manage themselves. The end goal is that they become independent in their toilet training, and this is difficult if they are wearing clothing that cannot manage themselves. 

8) Show that you do wees and poos too! Leave the toilet door open and ask family members to do the same. Young children learn by watching and copying.

9) Talk to your health visitor or children's centre for potty training advice. They have a range of resources and knowledge to help.

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