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Oral Health

Oral health is an integral part of children's overall health; when children are not healthy, this affects their ability to learn, thrive and develop. Good oral health can contribute to school readiness. Poor oral health impacts children and families' health and wellbeing.

National guidance: Child oral health: applying All Our Health - GOV.UK (

Local support services: Bedfordshire - Dental HealthCare (

How to Refer - Community Dental Services

How do we support children's good oral health at Woodlands?

1) We ask parents to keep sugary and acidic foods and drinks to a minimum in children's packed lunches.

2) We encourage parents to take their children to visit the dentist regularly, and we check that children are registered with a dentist during their home visit.

3) All snacks and drinks at Woodlands are tooth friendly. Children enjoy healthy fruit and vegetables, water and milk.

4) We have created 'borrow bags' for children to take home and use the resources inside. These contain lots of books and activities to teach children about good oral health.

How can parents support their children to have good oral health at home?

1) Ensure your child brushes their teeth twice a day, make sure they do this well. Remember, they don't need to rinse their mouth out with water after brushing, the fluoride in toothpaste is really good for their teeth.

2) Make sure your child is registered to a dentist and their visit regularly, Find a dentist - NHS (

3) Encourage your child to drink from an open cup rather than a bottle. Bottles are not good for teeth.

4) Watch some fun, educational videos with your child to help teach them the importance of caring for their teeth.


Finny the Shark 

The Tooth Brushing Song

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