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Promoting physical activity

Active children are healthy, happy, school ready and sleep better. Every movement counts!

It's important that we keep our children active in order to support a healthy lifestyle. Children of pre-school age should be active for around three hours per day. This can be spread out throughout the day and works out to be around 10-15 minutes every hour. Being active means anything that gets the heart pumping a little bit faster. Young children learn from the adults around them and they are more likely to have a go at different activities if the adults are involved too. Make this into a fun time for all of the family with indoor or outdoor activities. 

Some fun ideas to try: 

* Put some music on and dance.

* Play musical statues or play hide and seek. 

* Find children's fitness or yoga videos online to do as a family. 

* Go to the local woods and encourage your children to climb trees, run around, jump in puddles etc. 

* Walk more places, such as when you come to Woodlands. Make it fun by introducing games such as 'run to the next lamppost' or ask them to gallop like a horse or hop like a bunny! 

* Go swimming.

*Go for a bike or scooter ride.

* Play ball games such as 'catch' or 'football'. 

* Meet a friend at the park for a play. 

Take a look at for lots more great ideas.

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