Transitioning To School

Transitioning to school

Saplings Class 

As children enter their last year/ terms at preschool we will begin to prepare the them for their transition to school. We are fortunate to have excellent connections to Clifton All Saints Academy where we take our Saplings (leaver children) over to twice a week. This helps them to become familiar with the school environment and noises. School teachers often drop by to say 'hello' and get to know the children. 

Whilst children are at Saplings, we provide extended learning opportunities and activities such as rhyming and early maths skills. Although we provide more group activities, children are still able to learn through free play activities with a variety of challenging toys and resources different from pre-school. The programme is carefully planned by experienced practitioners who fully understand children's development and how to progress them to be school ready. We value promoting skills that will help children smoothly adapt to school expectations such as being able to sit still and concentrate for extended periods of time, or to begin recognise their own name. This continues to mirror our pre-school curriculum. 

Each year we invite teachers from all the local schools into Woodlands to meet their new students. We attend the school concerts and other events to let the children become prepared for school activities. At the end of the summer term, children going to All Saints Academy have the opportunity to have lunch in the school hall, which helps to relieve anxieties of both children and parents. This is always supported by our kind and caring staff. 

Each year we invite parents in for a presentation on how to help their children to become school ready. Our Deputy, supported by the team to discuss with parents the Central Beds 16 ticks 'Is your child ready to learn?', offering advice and ideas. This is always well turned out and parents have found the evening useful and informative, commenting that it has helped put their minds at ease and now know what to expect. 


1) I did attend the school readiness talk and found it helpful. It was useful to know how able and independent my child should be by the time he begins school. The tips and hints from personal experience of the staff were great too.

2) I did attend and found the information interesting, knowing things that my child should be doing in order to be ready for school and have me a bit more of an idea of what’s to come.

3) Loved the transition program- shame it cannot be done for longer in the year as so beneficial but understand the effort and planning that goes in it to make it so successful

4) The program for my child has been brilliant. She can be quite shy in new situations and also get overwhelmed with large groups of children who are older than her, so we have been worried about how she would cope with starting school. We were very lucky that she got a place at Clifton which means that she is familiar with the school, has experienced school dinners which is a great idea, and also is happy that she knows what to expect - she can’t wait to start school in September and I genuinely feel that Woodlands has had a big impact on that.


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