Special Education Needs Development (SEND) and English as an additional language

Woodlands Offer: 

At Woodlands our aim is to provide a rich, varied environment supporting all children’s learning and development. We offer a secure, safe, happy, child friendly environment where everyone is welcome and included. We encourage children to take their first steps maximising each individual child’s abilities and talents within the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We see each parent/carer and professional as partners in our team. We promote equal opportunities, removing all barriers for all children, parents, carers and staff. We will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, culture or disability. We believe every child is unique and deserves the best possible start in life. We support all children to fulfil their potential enabling them to make a smooth transition to future educational settings.


We do this by:

Our named SENCO is Kate (Woodlands Deputy Manager). Our staff team are qualified to a high level & we have three staff specialising in SEND. All staff take part in training to ensure they are able to support children with their individual needs. We have worked hard to achieve a communication friendly award promoted by Central Beds. We feel passionate about improving all children’s language & literacy skills. We pride ourselves on an outstanding reputation of supporting children with additional needs, working hard to nurture & develop our relationships with SEND families. Staff are always willing to take on additional training as required.

Providing an accessible building including ramps for wheelchair access and an accessible toilet. We have a hearing loop installed for children and parents with hearing impairments.


All toys and activities are easily accessible at a child friendly level. We provide a visual time table to assist children with the routine in session. 


We welcome all families to our setting & encourage everyone to call us to arrange a visit.   

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Speech and Language Development 

Cheryl is Woodlands Communication Champion. She has achieved an extended qualification in Communication and language, attended specialist and targeted workshops as well as attending regular Communication Champion Professional Study groups. Also she has achieved a level one sign language qualification through Signature and have also been trained and assessed to run the lift off to language programme.
Pre-school years are the optimum time for language development. A first language is acquired through meaningful interactions and exchanges in an appropriate medium rather than being taught. Early access to spoken and signed language opens up opportunities for your child to communicate their needs and also help them understand and enjoy experiences with a wider community.
At Woodlands we strive to enhance all of our communication opportunities. We offer an environment stimulating yet homely, we view our indoor and outdoor area as a whole and take into consideration factors such as noise, colour and light when arranging areas and comfortable spaces for the children to thrive in. Communication is an act of transferring information from one source to another, this can be achieved in many ways. Along with using words, language, sounds facial expressions, actions and gestures, we en-courage children to communicate their thoughts and ideas through their play and more recently signing. A number of staff members are very passionate about this and are looking forward to enhancing our children’s communication and language skills through signing. BSL is structured and complex just like any language but is also learnable like all languages. At Woodlands we use signing alongside words taking on the sign assisted English approach.

Lift off to Language
We run the lift off to language programme with small groups of children and on occasions at circle time. Lift off to language is a great programme for all children as it supports the building blocks of communication with the foundation of it all being on attention and listening skills. We will be achieving these developmental milestones through short, focused, fun activities and songs. These activities also link to the EYFS statements we follow and will be linked in your child’s evidence me profile.
Please look on your child’s Evidence me profile for observations of these sessions where we will provide pictures and link your child’s achievements to their developments of learning.

English as an additional langauge 

To support children with English as an additional language we provide bi lingual books, toys and games in their home culture. We have voice boxes with recorded phrases in their home language and we additionally provide posters in multiple languages. We have safety surfaces both in and outside our setting. Our staff will support your child to develop their communication skills in both language. We pride ourselves in learning words and phrases from childrens home langauge in order to communicate effectively. We also use British Sign Language when communicating with children.

The Woodands Pre-School
Church Street 
SG17 5ES

Phone number (term-time only) 01462 811486